Zoning Resolution By Section

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Section 1 Purpose

Section 2 Interpretation

Section 3 Enforcement

Section 4- Penalty

Section 5 – Definitions

Section 6 – General Requirements

Section 7 Non-Conforming Uses

Section 8 Township Zoning Commission and Amendments

Section 9 Board of Zoning Appeals

Section 10 Zoning Inspector

Section11-Zoning Certificate & Site Plan Review

Section 12- Conditional Use Permits

Section 13 Districts

Section 14-Residential R-1(Single Family Dwellings)

Section 15-Residential R-2 (Single Family Dwellings)

Section 16-Residential R-3, Duplex Dwellings

Section 17-Residential R-4, Multiple Unit Dwellings

Section 18, Community Service/ Institutional

Section 19- REC-1, Recreation (Public/ Non-Profit)

Section 20- REC-2, Recreation (Marine Related)

Section 21- REC-3, Commercial

Section 22- B-1 (Gateway Business); B-2(General Retail); B-3(Commercial)

Section 23 (Repealed B-2)

Section 24 (Repealed B-3)

Section 25- I-1 (Light Industry & Manufacturing)

Section 26-I-2, Heavy Industry

Section 27, Manufactured Homes District

Section 28- Signs

Section 29- Parking

Section 30 (Repealed DS Districts)

Section 31 Agriculture

Section 32- FPUD (Flexible Planned Unit Development)

Section 33-MUPUD (Mixed Use Planned Unit Development

Section 34-Design Standards

Section 35-Landscape and Screening Requirements

Section 36 Small Wind Turbine Projects

Section 37 Accelerated Variance Procedure For Americans With Disabilities

Section 38- Natural Resource Protection

Section 39- Main Corridor Commercial Design Guidelines

Zoning Permit Application Fees

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